Today was a short workout.  Cardio/complex followed by a training session with my wife.  She is making great progress – best of all – she looks forward to our morning sessions.

Still tweaking my workout.  Switched cable – core exercises for the BOSU Mountain Climbers.  Tomorrow I confront the issue of the Farmer’s Walk. 

I have been considering using one of the Leg Press machines.  Yeah – I know – I do not like machines.  But – here is the problem:  I can not do Squats with the Bar on my shoulders or any other way in which the weight directly compresses the spinal column.  Doing DB and Goblet Squats are fine – but I am limited by the amount of weight my grip will hold.  Dead Lifts are fine – but again – just so much weight.  No longer have a track bar.

Retro Fitness has the Hammer Strength Linear Plate Loaded Leg Press.  I used one similar to this years ago – before I switched almost entirely over to free weights.  Maybe I will do this one again.