This morning was the first Resistance Training session for the Fall 2013 52DC.   Good workout.

I eliminated the Farmer’s Walk on Toes and replaced it with the Leg Press machine.  Kept my initial workout on this machine to a lowly 90 pounds in additional weights.  No way of actually knowing the amount pressed.  Need to work into getting the largest range of motion.  The ROM on almost all exercises is critical – if you want the full effect of the exercise.  5 partial chin-ups do not compare to the difficulty of doing 5 full hang chin-ups.

As I completed a set, I moved my feet down to the bottom of the foot area so that I was on the balls of my feet.  Then did a set of 10 calf presses.  Nice stretch.

Today is also the start of my refocusing on weight loss.  My weight this morning was 185.3 – I will lose 6 pounds and get down below 180.  It may take me more than this Challenge to achieve that. 

I can not confirm this – but I believe that as you exercise hard – resistance – not cardio – it becomes harder to lose weight.  I know that I am adding muscle – otherwise I would not be able to lift heavier weights.  Does my body want more food in order to build muscle mass – or am I just making excuses?  Who knows – sure as hell not me.

The First Day of the 52DC is called the Starting Line – as in a race or competition.  It is a day that you tell the others about yourself and your goals.  Larger group this time around – composed of regulars, newbies and those who are returning after long absences.  A varied group.  Great.  Always interesting to see who is still around at the Finish Line.

As always, there are last-minute sign-ups.  For the most part, we allow people to start “late” although you would like late to not be more than a couple of days.    So – if you are reading this – and you have been thinking about it – hop in – the water’s fine.