Lost a Clean Eat tonight – to one of the WORST meals ever at Joe’s Crab Shack.  This is a long story – but learn from our experience.

My daughter and 5 1/2 year old son came in from California.  Really Nice.  I could not stay home with them – had to work – sad.

They met up with my son and DIL along with their 5 1/2 year old and 8 year old.  The kids got along great.  They headed for the Mall to see the new animated movie Planes.  The kids loved it – the parents – well they enjoyed the kids enjoying the movie.  I got the call – we are going to eat at the new Joe’s Crab Shack by the theater.  Dropped everything and headed to the Mall.

We were seated at a Picnic Table in the middle of the restaurant.  5 adults and 3 kids – no problem.  We were then promptly ignored.  Twice my daughter asked – “Some one will be here soon.”  No Show.  When the table next to us – who arrived 20 minutes after us – was having their order taken – I got up.  Calm down – I was told – Nope.  Headed for a gaggle of waitresses and demanded service.  One waitress said that it was not her table but she would take our order.  We gave the order – clearly – she repeated it and headed off.

The kids were starting to lose it.  Tough for them to sit and do nothing for that time period – especially when they are hungry.

It took another half hour for the food to come to the table – COLD.  The orders – partially wrong.  One person’s shrimp order came out with the vein still on them, cold and tasteless.  My wife’s meal did not arrive.

The waitress said she would get the Manager.  No one showed.  My daughter went into high gear and located the Manager – who was out right rude.  My wife’s meal finally arrived.  Very Hot.  They Nuked the hell out of it.  Expensive – small portion – tasteless.

My meal – I shared with my Wife – but ended up eating some french fries.  If it had been fresh and hot – it would have been OK. The sausage that came with my son’s crab pot – a chunk of garlic flavored salt.  I know because I ate one-half of one.  The Dinner Salad – was the size of a side salad.

My son was the Guy who wanted  to eat there.  His comment:  “You know when the last time I ate here was? – Tonight”!

The only thing that would have made the meal better – a couple of bottles of real beer.  Did not go down that road – held true to that 52DC Personal Goal – after all – I was the driver.

They finally did not charge for my wife’s meal and took off 50% of the rest.  Still over priced.

I leave you with one thought – DON’T EVEN TRY THE PLACE – THE FOOD IS TERRIBLE.