Today is Friday, August 23, 2013.  It is Day 17  of the 52DC.  This Challenge is shaping up to be more difficult than others.  The bumps in the road of life have been and will continue to be a bit more abundant than usual.  I believe my Core Goals are still doable.  My Personal Training sessions with my wife may be a close call.  The Push-ups – not a problem unless I mis-count.  The No Alcohol goal is going to be tough given the number of social events on the calendar.  The Weight Loss Goal – will be a miracle – again because of the number of social events where food preparation and availability are beyond my control.  I’m not sure that given the level of my normal indulgence, that alcohol has been a real contributing factor to any weight gain or that not drinking has had a significant impact on weight loss.

Here are my numbers as of the end of today – Day 17 (32.69%) – assuming that everything plays out properly.

  • CE: 32/34/96 (33.33%)
  • RT: 7/15 (46.67%)
  • CT: 6/15 (40%) 
  • PG1 (PT): 4/15 (26.67%)
  • PG2 (Push-ups): 1750/5200 (33.65%)
  • PG3 (No Alcohol): 13/42 (30.95%)
  • PG4 (Weight Loss): 2.4/6 (40%)