I don’t do split workouts.  I’ve always tried to do a full body workout each time.  Yes, on any given day, there may be more of an emphasis on one area or another – but – that is only because I can’t do two major lifts in one workout.

Some how I ended up getting constant posts from the “Do You Even Lift” Facebook site.  I usually enjoy the pictures they post.  Many are down right funny.  One of their constant themes is “Don’t Skip Leg Day.”  The theme is punctuated by a picture showing someone whose upper body is well-developed but whose lower body is just seriously out of proportion – skinny sticks in comparison to their upper body.

Usually I do not pay attention to those around me while I am working out – particularly how muscled or not they are.  Today – while I was playing Personal Trainer to my wife, I had a chance to just glance around.  There was a guy who was handling 100 pound dumbbells from a seated position.  Later he went to machines that focused on the upper body – defined as arms.  When he stood up – I noticed his calves – really skinny in comparison to his arms which were massive.  Then I noticed a couple of other guys with similar unbalanced development.

Mirror Muscles:  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who has the biggest guns of all?