Last evening we hosted my son’s family and our friends’ family, 7 adults and 3 kids – 8, 6 & 3 for an informal dinner.   The food to be laid out in buffet style.  This was the menu:

•    Noodle Casserole:*  A cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, noodles and SUGAR casserole.

•    White Fish Salad

•    Tuna Salad

•    Deviled Eggs & Egg Salad (Yup – if the egg didn’t peel all pretty – it became salad.)

•    Smoked Salmon

•    Sliced Tomatoes & Onions

•    Smoked White Fish Filet (De-boned by yours truly – the joys of my short order cook background working in a Deli.)

•    Herring in Cream Sauce

•    Mock Chopped Liver (Eggplant)

•    Caprese Salad – made with fresh garden grown tomatoes and basil

•    Crepes* – Cheese and Apple

•    Sweet Potato Pancakes*

•    Quinoa Salad*

•    Bagels*

•    Frozen Lenders Bagels – safe for my Peanut/Tree nut allergic grandson

•    Cream Cheese

•    Sour cream

•    Strawberries & Blueberries

•    Apple Cake*

•    Rice Krispie Mars Bars treats*

•    mini cup cakes*

•    Soda. Coffee, Kids Fruit Drink, Chocolate Milk & Red Wine

Some of the food was brought by the guests, some we made and much was made by Costco.  All was good – very – very – good.

I made the decision to relax and go with the flow.  I did not eat everything – just most of it.  Some – just a taste – others – well – let’s just say I enjoyed.  I did not eat just until sated.  Nope – I ENJOYED.

The TNT Diet provides for a Carb Re-load meal or day or weekend.  Theoretically, your glycogen stores have been depleted and this will merely re-fill those stores and not go directly to your fat cells – unless you over ate your energy needs.  Hmmmmm.  This morning’s scale showed a “loss”  – I guarantee you – tomorrow and the next two days will show gains.  That is the way my body reacts to these indulgences.

Had a solid 7.5 hours sleep.  Went to the gym this morning.  Today was a Resistance Training day.  The main move was the barbell bench press.  Given the carb re-load and a solid night’s sleep – I should have had an extra-ordinary workout.  Nope – good – but no different.  Probably because my main mode of functioning is in Ketosis.  The glycogen was used – no question – just no better than Ketones.

EFA:  Just in case you are curious – all – yes all – of the *Carbs went home with the guests -except the Lender’s Bagels which will remain in the freezer for the next time my grandson is here.  My wife and I are living off the rest for breakfasts and lunches.