Today was a Cardio day paired with a Personal Training session with my wife.  For me, Cardio is lifting weights – faster.  I do a circuit of push-ups (amap), DB Squat – Curl – Push Press (10), and Chin-ups (amap).  These are done quickly and result in an effective HIIT type of workout.  I do 3  circuits which takes about 15-20 minutes, by then my wife is finished with her time on a cardio machine and we hook up for her session.

Today, my goal was to do 160 push-ups; 100 for today and 60 to make up for the rest of the 40 I did on Saturday.   I am trying to stay a little ahead of my 52DC goal of 5200 push-ups just in case of an unexpected bump-in-the-road.

My first set is usually 40.  On a good day, I will hit 45-50.  Today, I moved quickly and hit 60 – yup – SIXTY.  The second set was 40 which completed my 100 for the day.  The third set was 35.  I then met up with my wife.

At one point, I gave her the small Swiss Ball and had her dribble it with her right hand in a circuit around the gym.  (I often wonder what others think of our strange training sessions – sessions like no other trainer does.)  That gave me the time to complete the final set of 25.  160 completed – over and out. 

Once again, the proof is in the puddingThe More You Do – The More You Can Do.