Today was the last Resistance Training day of the Challenge.  I also completed 9 weeks of the latest version of my DIY Workout.  Two more days left in this Challenge to add more numbers to my goals.  Here is where I am as of this morning.

  • CE: 91/98/96  3 days x 2 a day to hit 96 – doable.
  • RT: 22/15 Completed this morning
  • CT: 19/15 – One more tomorrow
  • PG1 (PT): 17/15 One more tomorrow
  • PG2 (Push-ups): 5200/5200 hopefully 100 per day x 3 days – I would like to hit 5500 – no reason – just a nice number.
  • PG3 (No Alcohol): 20/42  As I posted a couple of weeks ago – this goal was a mistake.
  • PG4 (Weight Loss): 3.1/6 I will not hit my goal – but the scale – albeit – non-linearly – is still heading in the right direction.

My plan for the next week or two – Active Rest: the same workout, but using weights or reps that are 1/3 to 1/2 my present workout.  Then I have to develop a new workout for the Classic Challenge starting on October 16th.  Time to get out the MH Big Book of Exercises.

Sunday is my birthday – this weekend may be a bit heavy on eating.  My Cousin’s wife shares my birthday and they are throwing her a BIG 70th party Sunday night.  Should be fun and filled with food.  Friends want to share the weekend – Saturday night.  The Grand kids are going to want CAKE – with me on Sunday.  Glad the Challenge will have ended – timing is everything.  😉