Yesterday was the last day of the Fall 52 Day Challenge.  Today we post our final numbers – on the Finish Line Thread. Here are my FINAL Numbers for Friday – September 27, 2013 – Day 52:

Clean Eats: 97/104/96 (101.04%) Thumbs-Up Tightened up my definition – only Plan A eating – Ketogenic – all the way.

Resistance Training: 22/15 (146.67%) Thumbs-Up Happy with my progress – getting some of those weights back up there.

Cardio Training: 20/15 (133.33%) Thumbs-Up Still just lifting weights – faster – but the weights get heavier and the speed increases.

Personal Goal 1 (PT): 18/15 (120%) Thumbs-Up  Training my wife has been an excellent learning experience – for me.  Makes me think about the exercises I do and why I am doing them.  Can’t just do – gotta do for a reason.

PG2 (Push-ups): 5500/5200 (105.77%) Thumbs-Up My first set – if not preceded by any other arm exercise is now 50 – and – sometimes 60.  Which confirms my motto: The more you do – the more you can do.

PG3 (No Alcohol): 20/42 (47.62%) Sun Tan This PG was a mistake from the start – live and learn.  I lost my original weight having a glass of wine with dinner many evenings – why would I think to change this now?  Duh!

PG4 (Weight Loss): 5/6 (83.33%) Thumbs-Down I am thrilled that I was able to reverse course. Just a few pounds to get back into the proper range 178-182 with 180 being the key number. The journey continues.

This morning I did my usual workout but with lighter weights.  The next two weeks will be Active Rest.  Then I need to design my new workout for the Classic 52DC starting on Wednesday, October 16th.  Just three weeks away.  Hope to see you there.

Timing is everything. Sunday is my birthday – BIG eating weekend. eat

After all – can I really deny my grand kids the fun of sharing a birthday cake and blowing out the candle? 😉

EDIT: 9/28/13 – Went to friends for dinner.  Brought over a “clean” bowl of cut up strawberries and blackberries in a sauce made from blended strawberries, water and sweetener.  Walked in to a surprise birthday celebration.  Main food was fine.  Desserts – Cheesecake and ice cream.  The fruit I brought – was a great topping for both.

EDIT: 9/29/13 (noon) – My son, DIL and grand kids came over for lunch.  Burgers were served – all clean eats.  Made some (frozen) french fries for them along with rolls.  I had – maybe – 8 fries.  They brought a cake for my birthday.  Peanut & Tree Nut free – from Canada – so my grandson could eat it.  I had a very small thin slice.  The song and the candle were the more important part of the meal.

EDIT: 9/29/13 (evening) – My cousin and I share a birthday – one year apart.  Her family threw her a big party at the Castle in Tarrytown.  Really nice.  Bar was always open and they kept filling the wine glasses once we sat down for dinner.  Tray service was delicious.  I relaxed and enjoyed – after all – it was my birthday as well.