I’ve been chewing on  the information in the “Grain Brain” and am still trying to come to grips with some of the concepts.  Be that as it may, I promised in my first post that this discussion would focus on his suggested Tests and Supplements.  Here goes.

“PRELUDE TO WEEK 1: PREPARE Determine Your Baseline Prior to beginning the dietary program, have the following laboratory studies performed, if possible. I’ve included target healthy levels where appropriate.

• fasting blood glucose – less than 95 milligrams per deciliter (mg/ dL)

• fasting insulin – below 8 μIU/ ml (ideally, below 3)

• hemoglobin A1C – 4.8 to 5.4 percent

• fructosamine – 188 to 223 μmol/ L

• homocysteine – 8μmol/ L or less

• vitamin D – 80 ng/ mL

• C-reactive protein – 0.00 to 3.0 mg/ L

• gluten sensitivity test with Cyrex array 3 test”

Perlmutter, David (2013-09-17). Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs,  and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers (p. 221). Little, Brown and Company. Kindle Edition.

I’ve had a number of these tests – but not all.  I am going to discuss them with my Doc.  At this point – I am not worried about my “sugar” issues since I’ve been on a Ketogenic diet for close to 5 years.  The only one that I would need – or at least be curious about – is the Gluten Sensitivity Test.  He laughed at me when I went Ketogenic – but has come to accept the results.  Let’s see where his head is at on this one.

Supplements.  If I stopped taking all the supplements I take – GNC would go Bankrupt.  Now to compare or add on some recommended by Perlmutter.  He recommends that the following supplements be in place for Life.

alpha-lipoic acid: 600 mg daily {GNC – $.50/day}

coconut oil: 1 teaspoon daily, taken straight or used in cooking {I buy a big bottle from Costco and use it for cooking and containers of coconut milk and use it in place of milk or cream in a recipe.}

DHA 1,000 mg daily : (Note: It’s okay to buy DHA that comes in combination with EPA; opt for a fish oil supplement or choose DHA derived from marine algae.) {$1.00/day}

probiotics: 1 capsule taken on an empty stomach up to three times daily; look for a probiotic that contains at least ten billion active cultures from at least ten different strains, including Lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium {$1.20/day}

resveratrol: 100 mg twice daily {$.65/day)

turmeric: 350 mg twice daily {$.80/day}

vitamin D: 5,000 IU daily {$.20/day}

Perlmutter, David (2013-09-17). Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs,  and Sugar–Your Brain’s Silent Killers (p. 224). Little, Brown and Company. Kindle Edition.

I am going to have to check these out.  Some – I am taking but not at the suggested levels.  What is the cost of taking these – or not taking them?  A quick look up – $5.00 per day plus the coconut oil and the various supplements for your heart and joints and – and – and….

My next post will attempt to pull together my own thinking and Point of View.  As of today – I have not really settled my thinking,  That is yet to come.