Every time I open the fridge and reach for something, I am back to reading labels.  I pretty much know the carb content of most foods and food products.  Now I am looking at the labels of those foods “prohibited” by Perlmutter in the Grain Brain.  The level of restrictions goes beyond where I’m at.  With that in mind and in no special order.

Mayonnaise: Looking at the jars of Mayo, it appears that the prohibition applies to the Soybean oil which has become the main oil in mayo.  I’ve switched to Canola based Mayo – not as bad as Soybean oil but still not good.  I’m going to keep using it because my omega 6/3 ratio is just not out of whack.

Canola Oil:  Same problem as the Mayo.  Canola has a 20% level of omega-6, and a 9% level of omega-3; compare that to corn oil with a 54% omega-6 and a 0% omega-3.  Canola “ain’t” half bad – just not good.  I only use it when we need to “deep” fry something – which is rare.  I will keep using it.

Ketchup:  Since most ketchup products are gluten free, I assume it is on the don’t eat list because of the Sugar while the reduced sugar ketchup has Sucralose.  No Winning.  The choice – sugar or Sucralose.

Vegetable based meat substitutes: No question – these contain gluten and a number of other nasty ingredients.  We use them in part because their level of carbs is very low and my wife likes them.   How much is too much?

Bacon, Sausage and Hot Dogs:  This is an annoyance – he does not specify why these are on the do not eat list other than they “often contain gluten.”  Seriously, what is the reasoning?  There are products without fillers and even without Nitrates, etc.  I have some in my freezer.  Yes – the restaurant blind item – is probably bad – but you can shop intelligently.  Again – disappointed that he doesn’t specify his objections or give guidance for making intelligent choices.

Diet Soda and Fake Sugars:  Yep – I rely on these.  I’ve pulled back on my diet soda intake and switched partially to Stevia – but it is the processed Tuvia – which he doesn’t like.

Low Carb Bread & Wraps:  I really like the Joseph’s products.  They are gluten filled and have a number of other bad ingredients.  I limit them to once a week treat – if that much.

Time to quit bitch’n and moan’n.  I have a brain and know how to read.  He has listed items which are synonyms for gluten – I will learn the list and apply it.   For all the choices – well – those are mine to make.  Of course, I really should get a gluten sensitivity test if I am going to intelligently draw a line in the sand.

EDIT 10-10-13:  Reading Labels again.  This time for gluten related ingredients and others listed in the “Grain Brain.”  There are those ingredients that have become pervasive in our food stream including soy and corn along with their oils, sugar, gluten products and so many others.  It’s that excessive inclusion that creates the problem, not just eating one slice of bread.  Example:  Stop and Shops’ frozen Steam Ready Creamed Spinach is OK, but their frozen Creamed Spinach in the traditional box is not. :sigh:

EDIT 11-14-13:  Here is the link to a Forbes on-line review of the book.