The Three Pound Rule.  I’m not sure where I read it, may have been in an Atkins book.  Generally – once you reach your goal weight – never let your weight go beyond a 3 pound gain.  At that point, rein it in.  Back to basics and get it off before it becomes the new norm.

My goal weight has been 180 for a couple of years.  Since your body weight is not a fixed number, I view it as 180 +/- 2 pounds or a range from 178 to 180.  I have let that rule slide a bit, and found myself at 185+.  Hit the brakes and reversed course.

Back to basics – full on TNT Plan A – Ketogenic Diet.  Tightened up the portion sizes.  Significantly limited cheese and nuts including not even opening that jar of peanut butter.  Did away with many of the “Highly Processed Low Carb” products, such as an Atkins Bar.  I started by doing away with alcohol – as I posted before – that was a mistake.  I lost the weight having a drink every now and then – why should now be any different?

I finished the last 52 Day Challenge having lost 5 of my 6 pound goal for weight loss.  Weighed in about 180.5 on September 28th.  Today is day four of being below 180.  Actually, 178.7 – Nice – Very Nice.  Checked back through my weight log, the last time I was at this level was February – 8 full months ago.

I am not trying to lose any significant amount of weight.  My goal is to stabilize once again at the 180 point.  The holidays are coming up big time.  Between Thanksgiving and Super Bowl Sunday, there are multiple dinners, parties and excuses for relaxing control.  I need to be prepared for the gauntlet of food and temptation.

Then, add on Perlmutter’s recommendations in the “Grain Brain” and I end up taking a Ketogenic diet to the next level, which for me means – eliminating most other Highly Processed Low Carb foods, such as Joseph’s bread and Veggie “meats,” along with reading labels with a magnifying glass.

I will probably add a Personal Goal to the Classic 52DC starting on October 16th of maintaining my weight below 180 – 35 out of 52 days.   Time will tell if this is a proper and attainable goal.