Once I lost my weight, my goal shifted from weight loss to weight maintenance.  I have lost weight – lots of weight – many times over the years.  I have never maintained that loss for more than a year – if that long.

I started losing weight on March 12, 2007 and had pretty much hit my lowest weight by the Spring of 2008.  I ended up stabilizing at 180.  And that has been my goal – keep my weight at 180+/- . 

Sometime over last winter – probably starting in late February 2013, my weight started to creep upwards, until it hit 185.4 about 3 months ago.  I lost 5 pounds during the last 52DC and another pound during the intermission.  My goal now is to lock in the weight loss by weighing less than 180 – 30 out of the 52 days of the Challenge.  This is not so easy.  Here are my scale weights during the last 9 days:

Day One……………..180.9









9 Day Average: 180.311 

The major bump-in-the-road coming up is Thanksgiving, which I can usually muddle my way through without too much damage.  I will announce my 52 Day Average when the Challenge ends.