I’ve been doing push-ups as part of my Personal Goals for the 52DC.  I originally started with 200 per day – or 10,400 for the 52 days.  That just interfered with my ability to do other exercises.  I’ve cut back to 100 a day or so. 

Some Challengers who are also doing push-ups have set a goal of being able to do a set of push-ups that equates to their upcoming birthday.  Nice goal.

If you are 20 – a set of 20 should not be a problem.

If you are 30 – a set of 30 should not be a problem.

If you are 40 – a set of 40 may start to be a problem and is therefore a great goal.

If you are 50 – a set of 50 is going to be a problem and will require some real work on your part.

And so it goes………….. The Older you get the tougher the goal becomes on all accounts.

My last birthday was my 69th.  I am a month into my 70th year. 

This morning, I did a set of 70.  69 plus one for good luck.  I’m not going to tell you they were pretty.  In fact, I had to pause in the up position a couple of times towards the end.  Still – I am one happy fella.  Just need to make them prettier and smoother.

Once again the rule proves out:  The more you do, the more you can do.