There were a series of newspaper articles reporting on a recent study which explored the impact of blood sugar on the brain.  The results suggested that blood sugar levels can impair memory – even if not at elevated levels – at least in those in their early 60’s.

People with elevated blood sugar levels – even those not high enough for diabetes or pre-diabetes – are more likely to have memory problems than people with lower levels, a study of 141 people has shown.

The results suggest that people within the normal range could help prevent cognitive problems as they age by lowering their blood sugar levels, said the author of the study, Agnes Floel of Charite University Medicine in Berlin. The work was published online Wednesday in the journal Neurology. By Mary MacVean, October 23, 2013, Los Angeles Times

Score one more point against Sugar.  This study suggested a cause and effect.  The question in my mind is straight forward:  Is damage being done that can not be reversed?  Is this part of the reason that an older person’s brain loses its ability to utilize glucose?

The oft-repeated “your brain only runs on glucose” is dead wrong.  It needs glucose but on a Ketogenic diet your body can provide glucose by grabbing what you ingest or manufacturing it from protein – through Gluconeogenesis.  I’m beginning to believe that old saw has caused a great deal of damage. 

Perlmutter’s Brain Grain hypothesis is looking even stronger.