I’m as happy as a pig in slop.  My biggest complaint about the Retro Fitness I joined is its lack of duplication of free weight equipment – especially the squat rack.  No – not the two Smith Machines – which I do not use – but the basic Squat Rack.  Apparently Hammer Strength makes a variation on its equipment for Retro Fitness.  Minor modifications and all painted Yellow.

This is a picture of the old one – under nourished and over used by those doing curls.

Squat Rack Old

This morning there was a new Squat Rack – in addition to the old one.

Sqauat Rack New

There are some differences.  There are two different chin-up bars and a set of fold down foot steps to assist in reaching them.

I am super happy.  I did not have to change the order of my workout to do hack squats and chin-ups.

I can only hope they don’t remove the old one.

Why did they get this new piece of equipment – squeezed into an under-sized free weight area?  Probably the same reason they are giving away 2 free months if you sign a new one-year agreement – competition.  A new – fancy – 24 Hour Fitness is opening a couple of miles down the road.

Whatever the reason – I am as happy as a pig in slop.