The other day, HoosierBuddy, who has lost 100 pounds or so, commented on my 52DC Personal Goal of trying to be below 180 pounds, at least 30 out of the 52 days of the Challenge – which I am failing miserably at.

I’m hanging pretty close to that 180# myself. It’s sort of tough to stay motivated when the only clothes that I have that don’t fit are the ones that are too big to wear. LOL. Onto your dream…we have a lot in common. You’re about 4 years longer than me on how long you’ve been able to keep it off. Statistically, you’re an aberration.

Robert, H. Lustig, MD in Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease, stated:

The real problem is not in losing the weight but in keeping it off for any meaningful length of time. Numerous sources show that almost every lifestyle intervention works for the first three to six months. But then the weight comes rolling back.  The number of people who can maintain any meaningful degree of weight loss is extremely small.  (p. 25). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

This statement is followed by a graph of the “Percentage of obese individuals who were able to maintain their weight loss over nine years.” By the end of Year One, less than 90% were able to maintain their weight loss; by year 2 – maybe 50%; by year 5 – less than 25%; and by year 9 – less than 5%.  So I guess I am an aberration.

I’ve been up and down the scale more times than I can remember.  Several of those were significant weight loss.  Until now, I regained the weight back within a couple of years.  What is the difference?  Why now and not then?  Not sure I know the answer, but here are my thoughts:

  • I’ve aged into seeing my peers suffer the ravages of time.
  • I gave away all my fat clothing and have nothing to grow back into.
  • I am participating in the 52DC which keeps me focused.
  • I am writing this Blog which keeps me focused.
  • My time at the gym has become more about helping my wife than about me; so I keep on going.
  • Perhaps the main reason – I am able to live a Low Carb Lifestyle when I could not live a Low Fat Life.

BTW:  My average weight for the last 36 days of the 52 Day Challenge is 180.75. Should I settle for this? I think not – so I’ll just keep on plugging away.