My wife and my workout schedule for the past 16 months since she came home from spending 3 months in residential rehabilitation facilities subsequent to her stroke – has settled into a pattern.  Out of a 6 day day week, we alternate on a 2 day Cycle. Day 1, I do my Resistance Training workout while my wife does 15 minutes on the Treadmill and then 15 minutes on the Elliptical.  Day 2, I do 15-20 minutes of a combination body weight and dumbbell complex as my Cardio workout while my wife does 15-20 minutes on the Treadmill, then we spend about 1/2 hour doing my wife’s RT workout which includes machines and recently free weights. 

We do some pretty strange workouts all designed to strengthen her affected side.  One part of the workout uses a small Swiss Ball.  She “dribbles” it around the periphery of the gym using only her right arm.  We then end up in a small open area where she smashes the ball downwards or using her upper thigh – hits the ball high in the air.  I am the catcher.  She really works hard and suffers me with a smile.   I often wonder what others think about what we do.

And now I know.

Two friends from different parts of my life, where both in the “warm up” room.  There was another individual there who pretty much works out at the same time we do.  Both friends related the story to me from a slightly different view-point.  My wife had started bouncing the ball around the gym, one commented to the other “there goes Mrs. TNT Man.”  The guy asked them “Is he her Personal Trainer?  He really works her hard.”  “No” they responded “He’s her husband.”  The guy then said,  “He must be doing this for a long time, he’s in great shape and knows what he’s doing.”  My “friends” both started laughing, since they knew me “before.”  The one commented, “About 7 years ago, he got a bug up his behind, lost weight and started exercising.”  I guess all my reading has paid off.

My wife relates that many women at the gym –  have commented to her that she’s really lucky to have a husband who loves her and is willing to do so much for her.  Sigh – it says more about their lives than about ours.

It’s nice that most of those who workout during the time that we do, think positively of what’s going on and don’t complain about that crazy lady dribbling a Swiss Ball and making noise.