The 2013 Classic 52 Day Challenge ended on Friday, December 6th.  Final numbers were reported at the Finish Line Post on Saturday, December 7th.

My Final Numbers for the 2013 Classic 52DC

CE: 98/104/96 (102.08%) Thumbs-Up
RT: 22/15 (146.67%) Thumbs-Up
CT: 22/15 (146.67%) Thumbs-Up
PG1 (PT): 22/15 (146.67%) Thumbs-Up
PG2 (Push-ups): 5500/5200 (105.77%) Thumbs-Up
PG3 (Weight <180): 10/30 (33.33%) Thumbs-Down

Just a bit more information can be extracted from those numbers:

I do 100 Swiss Ball Crunches as a warm up prior to each work out.  44 works outs x 100 = 4,400 Crunches.  I do these to get my back warmed up and moving and not for abs.

I did chin-ups as a component of one RT workout and as a component of each CT workout.  The total = 472 Chin-ups.

Given the massive bumps in the road over the last 18 months – translate that to serious family health problems – I backed off attempting to increase or even maintain heavy weights in my RT workouts.  But – things have stabilized a bit and I have been able to re-focus on me.  Here are some progress numbers – albeit – nowhere near what it was 2 years ago before my world collapsed.

  • Barbell Bench Press: 90 to 110
  • Barbell Dead Lift: 115 to 195
  • Barbell Hack Squat: 70 to 90
  • Barbell Row: 70 to 90
  • DB Goblet Squat: 45 to 75
  • Leg & Calf Press Machine: 180 to 230
  • DB Cuban Press: 15 to 20
  • DB Squat – Curl – Push Press: 25 to 30

I am continuing to do the same workout over the break and then modify it for the start of the Winter 2014 Challenge on January 8, 2014.  I will continue with the major moves.  I want to get the weights back up to where they should be – or where my ego wants them to be.  Time to break out the MH Big Book of Exercises and change things up.

Weight is always an issue.  One part of me wants to just hang in there at 180 – which is hard enough – another part of me wants to get down to 175.  Ah well.