Men’s Health a/k/a Rodale Press decided to update its Forums.  I spend a pretty good amount of time on those Forums, especially the 52 Day Challenge and the TNT Forum.  The site went on Hiatus on December 17th.  “ Community Platform” a service of Social Strata, Inc. is the new provider.

First we got the following screen:


This was fine since I was on vacation in Florida and felt a kinship with the pictured guy.  But – then the site came up and it was impossible to login or sign on.  VictoR managed to do it for a moment – I believe he was the only guy who could.  Since then, trying to login has put you in a circular hell akin to voice mail hell.  {This may be a bigger screw up than the Affordable Care Act Web Site mess.}

While attempting to break through, I contacted and left a message as instructed. Their first response was to send me to customer support, but then I got a another email – almost immediately – which follows:

Ted O’Neill

To Me
Dec 20 at 11:03 AM
Following up on my last email to you…
I didn’t notice the site URL you gave me before.. there is no need of for you to post to our support site, because I can tell you what the issue is. 🙂
The sign-in process is broken for everyone on that site. It is an issue on the Rodale member database, which is not something we control. Rodale (the company that runs Men’s Health) is aware of the issue, however, so I assume it will be fixed soon. 🙂

Well Ted – soon has not come.  As of 5 minutes ago the site was still broken and I am having severe withdrawal problems – especially since I am back from vacation and gearing up for the next 52DC starting on January 8th – If and only if – the site is operational.  😦

For those out there who are also going through withdrawal – we should form a support group to help each other through this dismal time.

Edit 12-23-13, 7:10pm – Still no access to the MH Forums – hmmm — I hope the advertisers get their money back..

Edit 12-24-13, 9:45am – Still no access.  I don’t expect anything to happen now until after the Christmas holiday.

Edit 12-25-2013, 12:22am – The picture above is back with the following heading: “Due to unforeseen technical problems the Men’s Health new forum community is currently down. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please continue to check back for an update. In the meantime, Happy Holidays and thanks for your continued support!”

Edit 12-26-13, 11:30am – Still Down.

Edit 12-26-13, 12 Noon +/- Back in Action – Let the Games begin