I finally got around to buying “The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals” [Kindle Edition] by Michael Pollan (2006-04-11). This is a lengthy book – be it print or digital.  It is filled with facts but written in a very approachable manner, which is probably the reason it has become a must read.  I should have read this one first.

I’ve just finished reading the first section entitled: Industrial Corn.  I knew that corn was ubiquitous within our food system.  I did not realize just how pervasive it is within our society.  It is everywhere.  It has become the building block for so much of our processed food along with multiple non-food items.  Avoiding it is almost impossible.

The second section is entitled: Pastoral Grass.  Here he explores the alternative to growing and feeding corn to the creatures we eat. 

I’ve just started this section but came upon a reference to J. I. Rodale, the founding editor of Organic Gardening and Farming magazine.  That tickled my curiosity and with the magic of search engines learned that this “Rodale” was the same one that became Rodale, Inc., the parent company of Men’s Health magazine.  I have not traced the history of the Corporation – I was curious – but not that curious.

One interesting fact about the author – Michael Pollan’s sister is actress Tracy Pollan, the wife of Michael J. Fox.

Do these facts have anything to do with the book – nope – just interesting.

Now back to reading.