What was supposed to be a couple of day transition has turned into a dream gone sour.  First, the entire site was down for multiple days.  When it finally went back up, it was not functioning and you could not log in.  They shut it down again.  When it came back up – it was working – at least for some – and not with a great deal of fluidity.

Every day or so, there is a fix, a change, a clean up, or a subtle modification.  From the thread New Forums – Changes, Issues and Progress, it appears that the log in problems continue for many.  If you check out the comments to my prior post about the New Forums you will see that others are having problems as well.

My take – it will get better.  I suspect that the “repairs” are being done first from the basic computers, then moving out to the smaller tablets, pads, smart phones and other hand helds.  My Kindle is not fully compatible – yet – I can no longer type in a reply and I often get booted out.  I also don’t think anyone should use Facebook or Twitter to log in – at least not until they get their act together.

It is a shame.  The 52DC starts this Wednesday – I wonder how many individuals are having a problem logging in and signing up for the Challenge.  If you are – good luck to you.  Hope to see you at the Starting Line – or shortly thereafter.

Edit: Add to the list of problems – sometimes a function works and sometimes it doesn’t.  I just had to go out of the Forums and back into them – just to get the new “Like” function to work.