The Winter 52DC starts tomorrow morning – well actually at midnight tonight.  Finally.  This has been a very long break with a lot of holiday partying mixed in.

I thought that the Men’s Health Forum problems would curtail enrollment.  Especially when one person reached out to me through this blog in order to alert the Mods that he could not get on to the Forum.

Luckily, I was wrong.  The Sign-up has been excellent.  A significant number of Newbies along with a surprising number of former Challengers coming back after years of being away are in the mix with the regulars.  A couple of people seem to have faded away.  Life gets in the way.

You have to wonder what draws people to this Peer Lead Challenge.  There are no prizes.  Almost no one knows anyone else outside of their digital persona.  Challengers are spread out throughout the world.  It looks like the US, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Ireland and Japan are represented – and maybe more.  We all have one thing in common, a desire to improve our fitness.

I look forward to the Start.  Tomorrow’s posting will not be a record of what we did Wednesday, since our recording is always a day behind.  It will be an opportunity to get to know a bit about our fellow Challengers – always enjoyable.

If you haven’t signed on yet – there is still time.  Hop aboard and join the fun.

Tomorrow – I start the Challenge with Workout C – can’t wait.