Today was the first day of the Winter 52DC.  I did Workout C of my “new routine.” This version of the standing EZ Bar Curl is nothing to laugh at. I’m not even going to tell you what weight I did – sad – just sad – and my arms now hurt. After re-reading this, I realize that I missed the third stop.  Also, it is amazing how fast you can count to ten.

Try it – you might just find out that you “ain’t” as strong as you thought.  Doing this one – you will be.  Big Guns – here I come.

Exercise & Workout Finder (via Fitbie)

Triple-Stop EZ-Bar Curl for Men Triple-Stop EZ-Bar Curl Do an EZ-bar curl, but as you lower the bar, pause for 10 seconds each at the three positions shown. One complete repetition is one set.

First stop: You’ve lowered the bar about 2 inches.

Second stop: Your elbows are bent 90 degrees.

Third stop: A couple of inches before your arms are straight