It is now almost 7 years that I’ve been living the Low Carb – Ketogenic lifestyle.  My Doc has me on an every 6 months check-up which always includes a blood analysis.  I believe he switched me from once a year to every 6 months because he was positive that eating Low Carb would be bad for me. 

Given my results over the years – he has pretty much stopped doubting my way of eating.

My last lab test just came back.  Strange results.

Total Cholesterol was high – 223.

LDL was marginally high – 108.

I expected that the next thing out of his mouth – “time for Meds.”

Then he said – “I don’t care about those scores.”

“Your HDL is 103 – amazing, and yourTriglycerides are 60.” 

I responded – “that’s high for me – my Triglycerides are usually in the mid 40s.”  He gave me a look like I was crazy.

When I asked why my levels were not basically the same from year to year – he responded that it is the change in a person’s metabolism as they age. 

Still – years of adopting a Low Carb – Clean Eating lifestyle have paid off.  Happiness.  Of course, I can’t ignore exercise as a component of this change. 

BTW: This is a copy of my blood work over the last 7 years.