I am not a Social Media Guy.  I am a Stranger in a Strange Land when it comes to most of these sites.  I do not live and breathe by my Smart Phone which is admittedly smarter than me.

Still – I stumbled onto Facebook and use it – sparingly – and poorly.  The whole “Friends” thing is annoying.  If you wouldn’t give me the time of day when we were in school together – why the heck would I accept your Friend invitation?

In my early – learning how to use it days – I ended up following a site called “Do You Even Lift?” I grant you that I don’t look anywhere like those pictured – nor is my head in the same universe – but – I am a fellow traveler.

One of the pervasive themes on the site is its disdain for those who ignore working their legs while they super size their upper body.  No one escapes their wrath – including Wolverine.

Their humor has forced me to pay more attention to the “balance” of my workouts.  Yes – I would like big guns, but not at the expense of inadequate lower body strength.

What brings this to mind?  While at the gym this morning, I spotted a guy who has been working out during the same time that I do for the past 18 months.  During this period, he really has built up his chest, back and arms.  I am jealous.  Then I looked at his legs.  Way – way out of proportion to his upper body.  They where not spindly – but definitely not anywhere near the same level of development as his upper body.  The juxtaposition detracted from all the hard work he had put in to getting “built.”

Looking around the gym, the focus on mirror muscles is obvious.  I guess this is easy for guys – pants don’t show off muscles.  Shirts do.

The end result – I attempt to do a balance workout – paying almost as much attention to my lower body as I do to upper body.  Of course – I don’t forget my core.  A full body workout is where it is at – at least for me.