We are in the midst of a significant Snow Storm.  I’m stuck in the house and if the electricity doesn’t go off – I’ll be able to get this posted today.

With the depths of winter upon us – my gym – Retro Fitness – is constantly hawking its tanning membership.  For just a few extra dollars a month – you can have unlimited tanning sessions.  Cheaper than a Caribbean vacation.

CVS has announced that is going to stop selling poison – cigarettes.  Are the tanning machines any less a cancer risk?  When will the fitness industry focus on health and not just money?

Why am I focusing on this – well – as I type, a friend is checking into the hospital for day surgery.  He is going to have a Stage 2 Melanoma removed.  I received this email from him last week:

I am going back to a strict ketogenic diet and may stay there.  My routine dermatology screening on Monday ended with removal of an interesting spot on my back which he told me was probably nothing…that changed with a call from the doctor on my cell phone Thursday – an early stage 2 melanoma.   He was as shocked as I was because it was not textbook.  Surgery next Thursday to cut more out and the first associated lymph nodes.   Less glucose in system,  less chance of cancer spreading, especially via blood according to some sources.  At least I feel like I’m trying to do something about it myself too.  I’ll be OK.

Wow – that is a slap up side the head – especially since he is a guy who works out and eats right – growing much of his own food.

The comment about going strictly ketogenic – and the reference to glucose and cancer surprised me.  Googled it and found a slew of Articles including this One.  You can read the article – but here is a quick take away:

1. People with the highest levels of blood glucose develop more cancers.

2. People with cancer, who also have the highest blood levels of glucose, survive least.

3. Cancer cells need supplies of common glucose to grow.

4. The choices – fasting or a ketogenic diet along with exercise which burns away excess glucose.

Years ago, I had a Basal Cell carcinoma removed from the bridge of my nose. So many hours laying out in the Sunday – getting a Healthy Tan – came back to haunt me.  Today – I revel in my un-tanned skin and have a wardrobe of hats for every season and every event.

Still – as I hunker down to wait out this snow storm – My thoughts and prayers are with my friend.

Edit: 2/14/14:

Yesterday they surgically removed a non typical stage 2 melanoma from my back.  They then removed 3 lymph nodes associated with the area and put in a drain tube.  They were under my arm.  All 3 lymph nodes will be sent for testing.   Hopefully they come back clean.

Here is a further link: to a National Institutes of Health report.