Kiss today goodbye
The sweetness and the oil
Wish me luck, the same to you
But I can’t regret
What I do for love, what I do for love.

It is over a year an a half since my wife had a stroke.  She has made remarkable recovery and is continuing to work hard at increasing her physical capability and maintaining her general abilities.  We go to the gym almost every morning and now she is taking on a Zumba class twice a week.  Still, she was forced to retire from working.  A sharp blow.

We just got back from her physical.  The key element was seeing if her medication would bring her cholesterol in to the range that would make the Doc happy.  This is where it gets strange.

We eat the exact same foods.  If anything, she eats a bit less.  Still, all her life she has been heavy and has never been able to lose weight the way I do.   She is 20 or so pounds heavier than me – and yes 5 inches shorter.  “Doc – Why?”  “Metabolism” – he responds. 

She can not go back on Statins.  She had significant side effects which exacerbated the problems dealt her by the stroke.

The solution – she must lose weight.  Lots of it.  That is what he believes will change her Cholesterol numbers.

Now I want to compare her blood work results with mine. 

My Total Cholesterol was high – 223, hers was 214.

My LDL was  high – 108, hers was 114.

My HDL was 103, hers was 79 – which is damn good since it is double the requisite 39 and since “>59 is considered a negative risk factor for CHD.

My Triglycerides were 60, hers were 106 – which is really good and shows that the Ketogenic diet works. 

For Me – the Doctor ignored the LDL and Total Cholesterol numbers – because of my strong HDL and Triglycerides numbers. 

For Her – he ignored the HDL and Triglycerides and only focused on the LDL and Total. 

“Doc – Why?”  “Because she had a vascular event and you didn’t.”

To lose weight, we will have to pare down portion sizes a/k/a calories.  Tighter control over protein will shed maybe 200 calories a day – if that much.  The balance is going to have to come from dietary fats.  We don’t eat Carbs.  There is nothing else to eliminate from our diet.  So long cheese.  Good bye cream.  Nuts to the nuts.  Bake instead of fry. 

Since we plan our meals together, and since we eat most of our meals together, and since we share cooking duties – we will be eating the same.  If the past portends the future – I will also be losing weight.  OK – I can stand to take off 5 pounds and be happy.  After that – No Way.

I turned to the Doc – explained this and pointed to the plastic coat hanger – “That is what I am going to look like the next time I see you.”

What I do for love.