Friday, February 28, 2014, was the final workout day of the Winter 52DC.  This morning we reported out numbers on the Finish Line Thread.

My Final Numbers, Day 52 (100%)

CE: 101/104/96 (105.21%)
RT: 21/15 (140%)
CT: 20/15 (133.33%)
PG1 (Push-ups): 5200/5200 (100%)
PG2 (PT): 20/15 (133.33%)
PG3 (Weight 180 lbs): 1.1/2.6 (42.31%)

This Challenge was a bit more difficult due to the never-ending snow storms.  Still – I managed to make it to the Finish Line with flags waving – except for weight loss.  I started at 182.6 with the goal of getting down to 180 or below.  Within the first 10 days I dropped to 179.5 then ballooned up to 186.9 – Slapped my self up side the head and landed at 181.5.  I will continue that final progress during the break.

Got up this morning, headed for the Gym and got in a CT.  Then worked with my wife on her upper body exercises.  Threw in a couple of new ones.  She’s always game.  She does not realize that most women limit themselves to cardio machines and a couple of other machines they believe will tighten their behind, thighs and underarms.  A shame.

We will keep doing what we’re doing – for as long as we can.

The next Challenge Starts on March 12th – Spring is just around the corner.