The following Article from Reuters and similar ones have been all over the Web: U.S. FDA probes cognitive impact of new cholesterol drugs.

This is not really a surprise.  Cholesterol is necessary for brain functioning.  Mess with it and you risk impacting those areas which depend upon it.

The FDA said it could not discuss specific development programs, but is “aware of concerns raised with neurocognitive adverse events and other lipid-lowering therapies, including statins, and as part of our oversight of new drug development, we are carefully monitoring these events.”

When my wife was recovering from a stroke, she was put on every drug they could think of to make sure she did not have another one.  A Statin drug was one of them.  It wasn’t until she got out of residential rehab, that we were able to discern the impact on her already effected neruocognitive functioning.  She went off it with the Doc’s approval and greatly improved.

I believe this side effect is more widely suffered than reported. 

I do not expect that these new drugs will fail to gain approval – not in the present anti-cholesterol climate.  Still, I would be interested to see if any impact shows up in the reports from the companies who are looking for this new golden egg laying goose.