This is insane – seriously – insane – and I own stock in Big Pharna that can benefit from this.  The new Guidelines are designed to sell drugs.  Check this article out.

Hot damn – I’m going to buy me some more stock.

Under the new guidelines, 56 million Americans ages 40 to 75 are eligible to consider a statin; 43 million were under the old advice. Both numbers include 25 million people taking statins now.

“That is striking … eye-opening,” Dr. Daniel Rader of the University of Pennsylvania said of the new estimate.

But since too few people use statins now, the advice “has the potential to do much more good than harm,” said Rader, a cardiologist who had no role in writing the guidelines.

The biggest effect was on people 60 and older, researchers found. Under the new guidelines, 87 percent of such men not already taking a statin are eligible to consider one; only 30 percent were under the old guidelines. For women, the numbers are 54 percent and 21 percent, respectively.

I guess I’m prejudiced – I saw the negative effect on my wife – a woman over 60.  I can not forget – or forgive that.  Those who shout – check out the neuro-cognitive side effects on women over 60 – are ignored.