My wife had a follow-up appointment at the Doc’s to see if her new BP meds were working.  117/70 –  yep their working – or she just has great BP.  The meds are all to prevent another stroke – no argument from me.

We chatted and I told him that she had just regained her ability to jump.  She got up and jumped – forward – backward – side to side.  His comment – IMPRESSIVE!  He then went on to comment on all the muscles that are needed to do that simple task.  – All the ones we have been working on for the last 20 months.

I see it as another step in her constant progression.  He sees it as a major step forward.

I felt good – rewarded  – that my student got an “A.”

Our Doc is recovering from his own severe problem which has deprived him of his legs.  We spoke about a Yoga program he is using and which he feels has helped him in just 2 weeks: DDP Yoga.

I checked it out.  Not sure if it is the way to go.  It is something you do at home – and I need to be there.  Decisions – decisions – decisions.

I looked into a little Yoga studio near my office.  Expensive – and I did not feel they new how to handle a post stroke client.

If you’ve used this – or another Yoga program – let me know – speak up.  Seriously – I need your guidance.