Been having a bit of difficulty emanating from arthritic changes in my spine.  While further tests are being done and a final plan of action is determined, the Doc suggested not doing any exercises which raise my arms over my head.  Overhead Presses and Chin-ups are out.  So is the series of exercises I do for my Cardio alternative to the dreadmill.  Been puzzling out some alternative exercises.

Here is this morning’s program:

  • Push-ups – AMAP (today – 45, 35, 30)
  • Kettlebell Swings – 15 @ 35 lbs – 16 kg (since this is the heaviest Kettlebell at the gym – I many need to increase the volume)
  • Dreadmill – 3 minutes @ 3.5 (will increase the speed over time)

Repeat the circuit 3 x as fast as possible without rest between each exercise.

It got the job done.

Then I worked with my wife trying to conquer the most important and difficult task in her recovery – getting up off the floor without help – be it human or a piece of furniture near by.  Tough – real tough.  She sweated through it and made some decent progress.