Never give up

You listen to the experts, you read and believe them – wrong.  We were told – so many times – what you have accomplished at the end of 6 months post stroke is where you are going to be for the rest of your life.  We did not listen.  We keep on working.  We are coming up on 24 months this May 2nd.

She has worked hard and suffered my pushing her and constant nagging – nay – encouragement. 

Two weeks ago – she re-learned how to jump.  Not merely once but in a series – down a hallway.  She can jump backwards – forwards and side to side.

She is working in a Zumba class twice a week.  Most ladies in that class are maybe half her age, fit and none have had a stroke.  She pushes herself and keeps going.

Today – we tried – once again – a 20 minute DVD dance program at the gym.  They have a console – where you chose your program – no live teacher – just one on-screen.  The last time she tried – maybe 6 months ago – she could not do it and could not last the 20 minutes.  Today – she not only lasted the 20 minutes – but – as I watched – she could do many of the moves she could not do those few months ago.

Never – never – never – give up.

EDIT – 3-31-14: So many things we’ve been working on independently are starting to come together.  This morning she did jumping jacks.