Went to a Charity dinner last evening.  I knew it was going to be a test of my resolve.  It became  an approach – avoidance situation.

At the Cocktail Hour, I happened to be standing at the point where the tray service came out of the kitchen.  Lucky happenstance – damnably dangerous place to stand.  Headed to the bar after 4 little pigs in a blanket.  The pigs where fine – the blanket – well – I could’ve peeled it – but – please – why am I eating the way I do – if I can’t relax every now and then.  At the bar, they only had Merlot – or beer – no light beer – so Merlot it was.

Ended up chatting with a Gastroenterologist.  He is someone I’ve known for 30 years.  His wife mentioned that she was low carbing to lose a couple of pounds.  Tiny lady – 5 extra pounds makes a big difference.  We started talking about Ketogenic eating and I got the “eye roll.”  Once he realized that I as an acolyte, and my blood work was spot on – he back peddled and said he referred his patients to a Nutritionist, since that was not his specialty.

At dinner, I ended up at a table with friends and friends of theirs.  The appetizer was a pastry stuffed with fried onions on top of a salad.  I peeled it, ate the insides and the lettuce, left over the pastry and the 1/4 of a cup of super sweet dried cranberries – OK – had a few.  A comment was made.  I ignored it.  Check out this link to a recent T-Nation article called: Dieting: A Rant, by Dave Tate.  It gives you my state of mind after that comment.

Across the table was a couple I’ve known for years – but only at events like these or other social events hosted by our mutual friend.  He runs a successful business and she is a physician – originally trained as an Oncologist – who now focuses on more holistic health services.  I went over to ask about HIS health, since the last time I saw him – he was battling a systemic infection.  He went on to praise his wife.

We have one major thing in common – we both follow a ketogenic life style.  She also uses it in her practice and obviously has all the scientific knowledge that I don’t have.  I always enjoy talking with her since she tolerates my layman language and view-point but respects my overall commitment and knowledge.  We chatted about my wife’s stroke and the possibility of enhancing the effects of the ketones and diet.  I need to follow that up.

She uses the blood test for ketones that was mentioned in the Brain Grain and suggested that I try it.  I told her about my tendency to be OCD and what happened when I started taking my own blood pressure – “Oh – your one of those.”  Yes I am – so I will stay away from those measuring devices.

Our little talk ranged over Paleo, Gluten Fee and the eye-roll of most physicians.

I invited her to write a piece for this blog.  With a bit of luck – she will.

As we headed for the buffet – she turned to me and said – let’s see if there is anything for us to eat.

I stayed relatively clean at  the Buffet – but I did have a bit of dessert – no guilt.