Spring has sprung and the holidays are upon us.  Easter Sunday is April 20th – just in case you did not already know this.  Passover starts the Monday evening April 14th and lasts through Tuesday evening the 22nd.

A friend and I were chatting about the onslaught of ads focused on celebratory meals for these holidays and the stores packed with specialty foods – especially Candy and Cakes and Cookies and …. and …. and ….

Most folks celebrate Easter with a big family meal.  Passover on the other hand, is usually two big family meals.

The real question – can you survive the holiday?  Seriously – I feel under attack.  I can’t go into the store without wearing blinders.  Just to pick up a Rx at Walgreens, I have to walk through shelves packed with candy.  It is a bit overwhelming.

If you are doing the cooking, then you can control what goes on the table.  If you are going to someone else’s home, will they respect your wishes or do you have to bring your own food? OR – will you just call in quits and enjoy the meal served.

My friend stated that there is a religious proscription from eating bread and related products.  No problem there, we don’t eat them to begin with – But – there is a religious obligation to eat Matzah, which is just unleavened bread.  Ah – what do you do?

We did a little research – guess what.  The obligation is only at the Passover Seder (Meal) and then only a really small amount.  One slice/board of Matzah is maybe 22 grams of Carbs. If you follow through with eating it when required – you might get 10 grams if lucky. Big Deal.   Definitely not an excuse to go crazy.

The reality is – if you want to hold the line at your Easter or Passover meals – you can.  If not – enjoy – after all – why have you been dieting if it is not to be able to enjoy a special meal – every now and then.

I will enjoy the food served – continuing to follow my Carb Snob rule – only eat it – if it is really top of the line.

Enjoy your holiday.