There are a massive amount of Allergy “boards” and discussion groups of one form or another out there in the Digital World.  More often then not – it is mothers seeking information on products their kids can eat.  This came to my attention when my daughter-in-law told me about the availability of Soy free products during the Passover holiday.  Since my grandson was allergic to Soy – this was important.  All of a sudden she could stock up on Soy free mayo, ketchup – you name it.  The mothers’ network was in full swing.

I’m not really allergic to anything – other than being severely  lactose intolerant.  So – I don’t pay attention to these things.  But with my grandson highly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and sesame – I have become super aware.  (BTW – he out grew soy – but the nuts seem to be here to stay.)

Gluten is another thing.  I like to drink.  I like to drink Vodka.  Vodka is usually made from a grain as are the other hard liquors.

Today, I was in the liquor store picking up supplies for an upcoming dinner party.  A bottle of Vodka was on the list.  Two of our guests are “Gluten Free” adherents – I assumed they would drink the wine.  And there it was – a bottle of Vodka – in the section for Passover Wines.  Vodka made from Potatoes.  Seriously – never thought about that.  Turns out – you do not have to wait for the Passover holiday to get Gluten Free Vodka –  There are multiple brands of Potato Vodka just waiting for you – and some have hoped on the bandwagon and label themselves as gluten free.

Here’s to my Paleo friends – bottoms up.

Note:  Not everyone who follows a gluten free diet will avoid grain based alcohol.  Here is an Article on the subject that might help guide you.