Today was an RT day.  Got to the gym a bit later than usual – by maybe 10 minutes or so.  Surprising how many people noticed – “Late morning – huh!”  Another looked at her watch and shook her head.  Really – are we that predictable?

I was doing step ups with two – 40 pound dumbbells.  One guy – who has got maybe 10+ years on me – looked at the DBs and asked, “Have they gotten any lighter?”  I chuckled and stepped down and rested the DBs on the step until the next set.

That is when I realized – I was working out with 80 pounds – the amount of weight I had lost.  Was it this difficult walking up steps at 260 pounds?  Did my legs and knees really feel it the way they did this morning?  You Betcha they did.

This 52DC has been pretty good – weight wise.  I am over 50% of the days below 180.  This morning, I was actually 176.4.  Haven’t seen that number in years.  I will take the mean – medium – mode measurements when the Challenge is over.  This is where I want to be, floating just below the 180 mark.  Strange – I haven’t been seriously dieting – just cutting back a bit on portion sizes and making sure we ate at home for 90% of our meals.

Bumps in the road coming up:  The last day of the Challenge is Friday, May 2nd.  The night before – Thursday night – we have a big Charity event – lots of food – all the wrong types.  Then Saturday we go out for my wife’s 70th birthday – our daughter is treating us.  Sunday – her birthday – we’ll have cake with the Grand Kids.

Glad the Challenge ends when it does.  Timing is everything.