Counting today, there are 4 days left in the Spring Challenge.  Here are my numbers as of the end of today – maybe.  All are locked in – just got back from the gym – so those are real – but the Clean Eats – well.
CE: 92 or 93/98/96

RT: 22/15 (146.67%)
CT: 18/15 (120%)
PG1 (Push-Ups): 5300/5200 (101.92%)
PG2 (Personal Training): 18/15 (120%)

This evening, I have a business gathering at a local watering hole.  I may have a drink or two – no problem – anyway – I’m driving.  It is the finger food – all of which will be garbage carbs.  Not sure how this is going to play out – depends on who is there and how much of a good time I’m having.  I could end up home looking for clean food to make for dinner.

Thursday evening is a fancy Charity event.  Open Bar and fancy finger food.  I’m betting that I lose a CE here because of the Quality of the food and the length of the evening.  Again – the drinks are not the problem – and I am driving – so limits exist.  This was a planned loss of a CE – I just do not want to make it a license to Die Hard.

Why the limits on Thursday – well – this is my wife’s 70th birthday weekend.  We are going out to a top-of-the-line Steak House Saturday night.  Then – my wife’s sister, wants to take us out to another top-of-the-line restaurant Sunday night. 

Oh – yeah – gotta have cake with the grandkids.

An eating weekend.

Going to be an interesting night.  I will report back later.

EDIT: 4-30-14-5:45am:  The food was as I guessed – super salty bar crap.  Managed to survive on Chicken Wings and some fried chicken.  Not great but did not destroy myself.  One glass of wine.  One of the guys who was there had just lost 65 pounds, couple of more to go.  Over the New Years holiday he had the sleeve procedure done on his stomach.  He looks great.  We chatted.  Hope he starts exercising to pull it all together.