Yesterday was the last day of the Challenge.  Today we report our final  numbers on the Finish Line Thread.  If you’ve never done a 52 Day Challenge – the next one starts on May 28th.  Worth the effort.

Here are my Final Numbers for Friday May 2, 2014, Day 52 (100%)

CE: 98/104/96 (102.08%)
RT: 23/15 (153.33%)
CT: 19/15 (126.67%)
PG1 (Push-Ups): 5600/5200 (107.69%)
PG2 (Personal Training): 19/15 (126.67%)

As always – I have hidden goals – that keep me motivated – this time – it was maintaining my weight below 180.  41 out of 52 days – I weighed in below 180.  The lowest – 175 – for a brief shining moment.  Of the 11 days at 180 or above – the highest number was 182.5.  On Day one of the Challenge I weighed 180.9.  On Day 52, I weighed 177.  Life is sweet.

This is a helluv an eating time frame.  This past week were two events:  A business Happy Hour on Tuesday – crap bar food.  A Charity Cocktail Party on Thursday night – High End Bar Food.  Saturday evening my daughter is treating us to a fancy Steak House dinner for my wife’s 70th.  Sunday – her actual birthday – cake with the grand kids for lunch and her sister is taking us out to another fancy restaurant to  celebrate – again.

Monday morning – we start all over – eating that is – on the right track.

We work hard so we can enjoy times like this – otherwise – why bother?