My friend has a significant amount of medical problems which result in a massive amount of medications and constant monitoring,  One of his conditions is Type II Diabetes.  This compounds his problems beyond belief.  If the diabetes is not fully controlled – everything else goes out of whack. 

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to convince him to try a different approach to eating – low carb naturally.  Nope – He bought into the Mainstream approach.  You can eat a balanced diet – meaning almost anything – just take the proper amount of insulin to replace what your body does not produce.  Every shirt he owns is covered with blood spots from giving himself shots.

This last time that his system got severely out of kilter, he ended up hospitalized.  His cardiologist told him, “I treat teenagers who have better control of their diabetes than you do.”

He finally started heading towards the Low Carb camp.  He even took my copy of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living with only a modicum of sarcasm.

I got a call this afternoon inviting my wife and I over for an impromptu dinner with his kids – Pizza Nite.  He was on his way home from Costco and commented “I just bought a fortune in fatty meats – you had better be right.”

There was plenty of food for all – enough choices for those who limited their carbs.  Yes – I had a slice of Pizza – why not?

I chatted with him about his venture into these uncharted waters.  I asked about his adaptation to a Ketogenic eating regime and whether he experienced the tiredness that so many have suffered.  He acknowledged that given his overall condition – he would not be able to identify any particular exhaustion due to low carb eating versus his other difficulties.  He also told me that his sugar has never been better – so much so – that he ate no carbs at dinner.  I hope that his new focus will last and pass the test of time.

Which then brings me to an Article in last month’s Men’s Health magazine – the May 2014 issue.  Actually two Articles that were paired.  The main one starts on page 90 and is entitled “Zap Fat Fast.”  It talks about food as hormones triggering body wide reactions.  It stated that some 78 million Americans are insulin resistant and that condition makes it super difficult for them to stick to a high carb – low-fat diet.

At the bottom of page 92 – in the middle of the main article – was a small snippet, “A New Way to Cut Carbs.”  The opening paragraph stated:

By eating fewer carbs (and more protein), you can lower your calorie intake and optimize hormones that regulate fat burning.

They go on to suggest a method of eliminating carbs from your diet.  They classify carbs in 6 categories:

  1. Foods with added sugar
  2. Refined grains (e.g. white bread)
  3. Whole grains and starches
  4. Fruit ( cut out tropical fruit first)
  5. Non-green vegetables
  6. Green vegetables

Eliminate the first two categories immediately.  After 3 weeks eliminate the next category – only if weight loss stops. Continue eliminating the next category every 3 weeks to keep weight loss moving.

OK – I know I am being hyper critical.  These are just toe-in-the-water articles.  Anyone who really wants to follow this reverse Atkins would read more – hopefully.  But – seriously – Where is the Fat?  You can not go low-fat and low carb and have any  energy.  This concept is just skipped over.  And seriously – eliminate non-green and green vegetables???

Ah Well – They can always go back and read the November 2007 issue of Men’s Health if they want all the  facts.  After all – that is the issue that really made me understand Low Carb eating and introduced me to the TNT Diet.  I really shouldn’t be too critical of MH – I owe them a great deal.