It may just be the media – but it appears that the tide is turning.  Caught this Article on Yahoo the other morning concerning the link between high cholesterol foods and cholesterol in your body.

But – it is not just about – it is OK to eat whole eggs, but about the entire method of attacking Cholesterol.  The article – almost – but just not there yet – supports low carbing.

One by one – the new mantra is “No Added Sugar!”

Still there are just as many articles that tout the mainstream eating patterns.  They may modernize their language by talking about good fats versus bad fats, but they stick with the concept that Carbs are the heart and soul of a person’s diet.

It is interesting to watch the trends as they play out.  Will we ever really know the Truth – the immutable facts?  Probably not.

For me – I’m happy that I found a method of eating that has sustained me for the last 7 years.