I just finished reading Nina Teicholz new book: The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet  (2014-05-13) Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.  I found it a good read – actually a damn good read.

She covers a lot of the same ground as other authors including Gary Taubes but adds her own twist and goes into greater depth including bringing us up to date on the various studies and the underlying controversy.  Her ability to show case the politics of the last 50 years is her strength.  When I say politics – that includes the internal politics of organizations we rely on for guidance – not just the government.

That this book is causing a bit of a commotion is an understatement.  Check out the CNN report.

The sides line up and are ready to do battle.  Here is a link to WSJ review.

Ms. Teicholz, who has a gift for translating complex data into an engaging forensic narrative, explains why the “proof” that the Seven Countries study seemed to deliver was far from conclusive. One morsel: Keys had included data on the Greek diet taken during a 48-day Lenten fast in Crete, when participants were required to abstain from meat, fish, eggs, cheese and butter. Forty years later, researchers estimated that 60% of the Cretan population had been fasting at the time of the study, but no attempt had been made to separate fasters from non-fasters.

My bias is clear – I line up on her side without question.  That there is one more voice in the wilderness – great.