I love to freak people out with my food choices.  We were at an organization luncheon today.  The usual – tuna & egg Salad, cold fish of various types, salads and Carbs by the ton – from breads and rolls to hot trays of potatoes and  noodles.  Of course – deserts – cakes, cookies, cup cakes and cut up fresh fruit.

Loaded my plate up with all the salads and none of the carbs.  Those who noticed and knew of my weight loss – commented.  Some cracks were made – all in good fun.  They laughed knowing I would not get any deserts.  Ah but I did.

I managed to pick out a couple of cut up strawberries and piled the small plate high with whipped cream.

They were incredulous.  How can you eat that and not have a piece of cake?  I tried to explain – but – most people can not understand the concept of a low carb – normal protein – high fat diet.  Still I enjoyed – especially the looks on their faces.