Calculators are a lot of fun – and stress.  You can “while away the hours” playing with these and miss your time at the gym.  Still – we all like to compare ourselves to others – just human nature.

Here is one called the Advanced BMI Calculator.  It not only adjusts for age but for two different versions of calculating BMI – v2 and WHO – CDC.  Pick the one that makes you feel the best.

Here is an alternative: the ABSI Calculator.  This new ABSI measurement will predict your risk of dying: “people with the highest ABSI scores had more than twice the average risk of dying over the next five years, compared to those with the lowest.”

As of this morning, I am Overweight on the traditional BMI Index but Normal on the index. 

On the bottom of the Advanced BMI Calculator page is the Ideal Weight Calculator. Now I am really depressed.  I should be between 136 and 179 with many targeting somewhere in the 150s. My lowest weight in recorded history was 156.  I had a size 32 inch waist and NO MUSCLES.  I was able to sustain that weight for only a few months.

According to this measure – I am 5-10 pounds overweight.  As it is, many people view me as too thin, and off to the side they ask those in the know if I have been sick.

Doesn’t the fact that I can do multiple sets of 5-8 chin-ups and 70 push-ups in one set tell me something?  Do I have to be really skinny to be healthy? 

And I haven’t even focused on the Body Fat Calculators – since they are really inaccurate.