I do chin-ups – palms towards me at shoulder width apart because it is less stress on my shoulders.  Messed things up awhile ago and am careful I don’t aggravate the area.  It took me a serious amount of work to wean myself off the assisted chin-up and dip machine.  I actually believe that machine undermines our ability to progress.  Negatives made it happen.

One day – after reading an article on variations in doing chin-ups – I realized I was doing crunches as part of each rep.  Knees came seriously up – almost to the bar.   That became my standard. 

With my sciatica being really annoying, I end each set with just hanging and allowing my back to stretch out. 

That transitioned into tightening my abs into a slight hanging leg raise or curl.  Not really getting my legs up – just tightening everything and curling my hips up.

Then after a month or more of doing those, I started doing full leg raises as part of the set.  Not pretty – still working on the form – but a start.

This has morphed into doing as set of 5 chin-ups with full crunches, then hanging in a half chin-up position and doing 5 leg raises and finally full hang and doing 10 hip curls.  It has only been the past couple of sessions that I have been able to do this.

This morning, a younger guy  – probably in his let 30’s – early 40’s – who does some serious weights, was doing an exercise in the same area.  When I finished the last set – he turned to me and said – “Impressive!  Not many guys can do that.”

Damn – that felt good.  Made it all worth while.  Now I really need to work on Form.

BTW: This was my 900th post.  Whew.