I’m on an every 6 month schedule with my Doc for Blood work and check up.  That’s what happens when you age – or maybe that is what Medicare will pay for.  Had the blood drawn last week.  He reviews the Lab report on his computer. 

“Your Cholesterol is a problem, 233 …..pause…pause….. Forget I just said that.  Your HDL is 119 and your Triglycerides are 51.  You’re fine.”

My LDL calc was 104.  Glucose 91.

In January 2014 – my HDL was 108. 

The note on his chart printout:  “Excellent HDL and LDL…Continue off of Meds.”

I need to up date the Cholesterol Chart that I’ve got going.

Interesting, I eat everything they tell you that you should not eat, and I don’t eat many of the foods they tell you to eat. 

I Love TNT Plan A.

PS:  The Ratio of Triglycerides/HDL should be less than 3.  Mine is 51/119 or .43