I have been working hard at doing leg raises as part of my chin-ups.  Not easy.  There are a couple of hundred variations on the theme and I’ve seen most of them in the gym over the years.

One is a basic crunch – pulling your knees up as you do the chin-up.  This is where I started.  For some reason, my body did this rather than just hanging.  It maybe because the original chin-up bar was too close to the floor and I needed to bend my knees up for a full hang.  Who knows.

From there, I’ve been trying to add a full leg raise with my legs straight out and parallel to the floor.  This is the tough one.  I found the following on YouTube.  Yep – the guy is in better shape than me and has better form – so what.


Now this next video is a more intense instructional one.  Here the exercise isolates the Leg Raise and really makes it a separate exercise from the chin-up.  Seriously – I would love to be able to do what this guy is doing.  I’ve got a new goal to go for.