My last post had two videos on Leg Raises as part of Chin-ups and as a separate exercise.  I mentioned that my goal was to be able to do the Leg Raise where I can get my feet up to the bar over my head and lower them slowly.

At the Gym, this morning, I attempted to raise my legs up to the bar.  Surprisingly – I did it.  Yes – I had to add a bit of a swing to achieve that goal.  That is not a cheat – since you need your legs up there to do the Negative component – the lowering of your legs slowly. 

Now that I can do the basic movement – albeit – in less than perfect form – I can now work on making the motions smooth and lifting my legs over my head without the added swing.

I never thought that this would be a part of my repertoire of exercises. 

Never doubt your capabilities.  You just need to start slow and concentrate on repetitions.

I started the Cuban Presses with 2.5 pound dumbbells. I know  do them with 15 and 20 pounders. It took time and an ability to not be embarrassed by using light weights while you are building up to your goal. Our egos tend to get in the way.

The more you do – the more you can do.