The Fall 52 Day Challenge starts this Wednesday, August 6, 2014.  Are you ready? I am.

I started doing these Challenges in the Summer of 2008 and have done every one since then – 5 a year.  They have helped me keep a focus on my fitness.  This is the longest period of time – IN MY LIFE – that I have been able to maintain my weight loss and continue working out.  I truly believe that participating in these Challenges is one of the reasons for my present success.

The Challenge lasts for 52 days.  There are 3 core goals that you aim to achieve:  Clean Eating, Resistance Training and Cardio Training.  You can have other Personal Goals as well. You sign up by posting your goals.  Each day everyone reports in on their progress.  Those who are the most successful tend to report in each day.  The Support, Encouragement and sometimes a kick in the behind by other Challengers — spurs us on.

My Goals for this Challenge are:

Clean Eats: 96 out of a possible 104.  Each day is divided in half.  So there are 2 possible CEs earned each day.  My definition of a Clean Eat is eating a Ketogenic – Very Low Carb diet.  Not necessarily trying to lose weight – just maintain my weight loss.

Resistance Training: 15 workouts.  I try to exceed that but set the goal at this modest level to take into account all of the events that get in the way – both planned and unplanned.  I’ve revised my workout for this Challenge and will be posting it shortly.

Cardio Training: 15 – same as the RT goal.  My Cardio is actually a circuit of Kettlebell swings, push-ups and chin-ups done fast.  I manage to get 2-3 circuits in each workout.

Personal Goal 1: 5,200 push-ups – that averages 100 per day – in addition to my workout.

Personal Goal 2: 15 sessions as my wife’s Personal Trainer – again this is a minimum.  I pair this with my CT workout.

If you want more details – check out the FAQs.  There you will find a detailed explanation of how it all works.  However – it is simple – Sign Up HERE and join the fun.

Hope to see everyone at the Starting Line.